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Portable Bluetooth Speakers

In the park, at a party or on holiday, with one of JBL's Bluetooth speakers, you can listen to your favourite music anytime, anywhere. Connecting is easy and works wirelessly via a connection with your mobile, laptop or tablet. Another advantage? The sound is suddenly much better, and you can turn the speaker up nice and loud. What should you look out for, and what wireless speakers does JBL offer?

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How do Bluetooth speakers work?

A Bluetooth speaker works completely wirelessly. You connect to your phone or tablet using Bluetooth. Some JBL models work on Wi-Fi, and in this case, the music is sent to the speaker via an Internet connection. Here you connect to the speaker via your phone, tablet or computer, but via Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth. In both cases, you can adjust the volume on the speaker itself or on the connected device.

How do you connect to Bluetooth speakers?

Before you connect to the wireless speaker, check that your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is turned on. Only then can you connect to the speaker. Some devices have Near-Field Communication; in that case, the phone or tablet automatically connects when you hold it in front of the speaker. You can also select the speaker in the settings of the streaming app on your mobile or tablet. Your favourite playlist will be playing before you know it!

Small but powerful. Mini Bluetooth speaker from JBL

A mini Bluetooth speaker can easily be carried in your pocket or backpack. It's the perfect travel and outdoor speaker. These wireless speakers sometimes have a handle or a loop to hang from your belt. Are you looking for a speaker for the home? Then a somewhat larger wireless speaker is a good buy. These often have larger drivers, so the volume can be increased.

Bluetooth speaker with wireless connection and light effect

Do you like to listen to the radio now and then? Then a DAB radio from JBL is perfect for when you don't know what to stream - who doesn't have those moments? - or if you want to listen to the news. Want to make an extra impact with built-in lighting and a portable party speaker? Then the JBL Partybox 110 with light effects is for you. Take your party with you wherever you go.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

Are you a swimmer or a big fan of taking showers? Then a waterproof Bluetooth speaker such as the JBL FLIP 5 is a good choice. These speakers are designed in such a way that water droplets cannot reach the speaker's hardware, so any malfunctions are prevented, and you can listen to music without worrying about the speaker getting wet. Our water-resistant speakers can be used in the bathroom or around a swimming pool.

Battery life of a good Bluetooth speaker

Do you want to enjoy your favourite hits for hours on end? Then a speaker with good battery life is indispensable. The battery life of Bluetooth speakers varies greatly. On average, the battery of a mini Bluetooth speaker lasts two to four hours. We also have speakers that easily last 20 hours. The JBL Charge 5 is a good example. So think about what exactly you want and then search for a Bluetooth speaker based on battery life. Do you want to be sure that you never run out of music? Then a speaker on AC power is something worthy of your consideration. However, that doesn't give you music on the go.

Why Bluetooth speakers from JBL?

Wireless speakers, mini Bluetooth speakers, water-resistant speakers and speakers with party lights. JBL has them all. For more than 70 years, we've been known for audio equipment with sleek designs and unmatched technology. Even with the smallest speakers, you can listen to your favourite music with the best sound quality. Connect the speaker to your phone or stereo and start partying wherever and whenever you want.