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Crystal clear sound. DAB+ and FM. JBL radio speakers are the perfect companion, whether they wake you up, or join you wherever you go.

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DAB+ radio speakers

Crystal clear sound. DAB+ and FM. JBL radio speakers are your perfect companion, as an alarm in the morning or on the road.

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How a DAB+ radio works

DAB is short for Digital Audio Broadcasting, so a DAB radio is completely digital. Whereas old FM radios were only able to use analogue signals from the ether, DAB tuners can receive digital signals. The advantage is that digital signals are much clearer and do not overlap. This means no annoying crackling and noise when listening to your favourite radio stations. In order to use this new technology, you will need a suitable radio. JBL DAB+ radio speakers have this technology. Read more about how a DAB radio works.

The advantages of a DAB+ radio

With a digital DAB tuner, you will enjoy a better sound quality, more music and an even richer radio experience. Here are all the advantages listed:

  • The biggest advantage of a DAB tuner is that the sound quality is significantly better than that of old FM radios. This is because an analogue signal will always have noise whereas a digital signal is crisp and clear.
  • In addition, DAB radios receive many more stations. This is because many radio stations these days are only broadcast digitally. It is easy to find the right stations, as you do not have to worry about frequencies.
  • Another advantage is that a DAB signal can be used to send additional information, not just music. For instance, you can get information about the songs you are listening to.

The features of a DAB+ radio

These days, a radio is no longer just a device you use to listen to radio stations. Most DAB radios have many extra features.


For instance, they often have Bluetooth connectivity. All you need to do is connect to your phone or tablet, and you can play all your favourite playlists. So you can listen not just to fun radio stations, but also to your own collections on Spotify or Apple Music. In addition to being able to receive a DAB+ signal, JBL radio speakers can also receive the ‘normal’ FM signals.

Internal memory

Many DAB tuners also have an internal memory. This feature means you can store a number of your favourite radio stations. Switch quickly between your favourites and enjoy the greatest hits in no time at all.

Radio alarm

Want to wake up to a great beat every morning? Use the DAB tuner as a radio alarm. Many models have an alarm feature, which means your favourite radio station starts to play when you need to get up.

Battery life

DAB radios have a battery life of up to 15 hours. This lets you enjoy your favorite music stations for days in a row. That's especially useful if you plan on using your radio while travelling or during outdoor activities.

Use your portable DAB+ radio in the car, kitchen or as alarm clock

Would you like to experience the advantages of DAB radio for yourself? Discover the excellent DAB tuners by JBL. The range offers models of all different types, from a built-in radio alarm to a waterproof model. The biggest advantage? The radios are all portable and have a built-in battery. So you can listen to the best digital radio stations always and anywhere.

Naturally, the biggest advantage is the JBL quality. The speakers are powerful and the sound quality is crystal clear. You will not need an external speaker to enjoy the radio at its best, and you will enjoy even more musical fun. Discover the advantages for yourself and get a DAB radio by JBL.