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13 results
Buy 2 or more JBL Junior Headphones and save 20% per unit. CODE: JBLJR
Buy 2 or more JBL Junior Headphones and save 20% per unit. CODE: JBLJR
Buy 2 or more JBL Junior Headphones and save 20% per unit. CODE: JBLJR
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On-Ear & Over-Ear Headphones

JBL Jr310 - Red - Kids on-ear Headphones - Swatch Image JBL JR 460NC - Blue - Wireless over-ear Noise Cancelling kids headphones - Swatch Image JBL JR 460NC - Pink - Wireless over-ear Noise Cancelling kids headphones - Swatch Image

On-ear and over-ear headphones

With on-ear and over-ear headphones, you can take the best sound quality with you wherever you go. In the street, on the train or on your bike. Listen to your favourite playlists and enjoy top-quality sound for hours with JBL headphones.

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Wireless Bluetooth on-ear and over-ear headphones

Wireless headphones work using Bluetooth. This connection allows you to listen to music while your phone, laptop or tablet is at a distance of up to fifteen metres away. The battery in your headphones lasts between eight and thirty hours, depending on the model. Are your headphones out of power? You can fully charge them again in two hours. Nowadays, many batteries also have a quick-charge function. Fifteen minutes of charging is enough to listen for another two hours.

How do headphones work?

It's quite a technical explanation, but headphones work as follows: the audio from your music system is transferred via electrical signals to two small stereo speakers in your headphones. The headphones work according to the magneto-dynamic principle. This means that the drivers are able to produce sound through vibrations in the air. These vibrations then reach your ears.

What is the difference between on-ear and over-ear headphones?

The main difference is that over-ear headphones fit over your ears, and on-ear headphones sit on your ears. Headphones that fit completely over your ears provide a different kind of comfort. The earpads of over-ear headphones enclose your ears, whereas on-ear headphones press and mould to your ears.


The compact (foldable) size of on-ear headphones offers the advantage that you can easily take them with you. Over-ear headphones are known for their slightly larger size. At JBL, over-ear headphones are also compact and super easy to take with you, whether on your head or in your bag. So both types of headphones are perfect for home, work or travel.

Lightweight comfort

For the best wearing comfort, soft and lightweight cushions over or on your ears are, of course, essential. JBL headphones have top-quality ear pads. The fit of on-ear headphones is also very important. When wearing them, they will automatically mould to the shape of your ears. In this way, you get your own personalised headphones. It is also possible to adjust and rotate the ear cups so that they fit snugly on your head.

Voice assistant

Need help? With one push on the ear-cup of your headphones, you can activate a voice assistant like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. In this way, you can listen to your favourite tracks straight away. It's simple. Tell the assistant the title and artist of a track, and away you go.

Looking for the best sound? Buy on-ear or over-ear headphones

Which headphones will be your best friend? Which are best for you entirely depends on your requirements. Go for over-ear headphones if you want maximum music enjoyment, and choose on-ear headphones if you like a smaller size. One way or another, JBL headphones will let you listen to your favourite music wherever you go.

FAQ about on-ear and over-ear headphones

Which is better for working out in the gym, over-ear or on-ear headphones?

Over-ear headphones tend to be more comfortable and have better noise isolation than on-ear headphones. They are perfect for when you're trying to focus on your workout. But they can also be more bulky and may not stay in place as well during intense physical activity. On-ear headphones stay in place during every workout. And they are more lightweight, which makes them easier to wear and carry around. The best headphone for you depents on your gym routine and preferences. 

Is over-ear or on-ear better for gaming?

When it comes to gaming, both over-ear and on-ear headphones are good options. With over-ear headphones you'll be fully immersed in your games, because they completely block out external noise. They are also more comfortable, especially for long gaming sessions. Are you a fan of portable gaming? Then you might be looking for lightweight headphones. In that case, on-ear are the best choice for you. Ofcourse best choice will depend on your preferences and the specific needs of your gaming setup!