Recycling and Sustainability


Recycle to Reduce E-Waste

Keep in mind that all electronics should not be put in the trash. Find an electronics collection site near you to simply drop it off.
If there is no collection site near you or you have a large quantity of devices you may need to work directly with a recycler.

Please follow your state's electronic waste law and guidelines.

If your electronics are no longer usable:

  • Properly dispose of e-waste by visiting a recycling facility in your state or community. Before you recycle, remember to:
  • Delete all personal information from your electronics.
  • Call your city for any special programs or collection events that may be available to you.
  • Visit the US Environmental Protection Agency for additional recycling and donation resources.

If you have electronics that are still usable:

  • Donate them to your favorite charity (remember to delete all personal information from your electronics.
  • Visit the US Environmental Protection Agency for programs near you.
  • List them on the online materials exchange


Learn more about your state's law and regulations:

Indiana - Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Washington - Washington State Department of Ecology

  • Website:
  • Headquarters, Olympia 360-407-6000
  • Northwest Regional Office, Bellevue 425-649-7000
  • Southwest Regional Office, Olympia 360-407-6300
  • Central Regional Office, Union Gap 509-575-2490
  • Eastern Regional Office, Spokane 509-329-3400

Wisconsin - Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources