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JBL Refurbished speakers, headphones & more

Looking for a good deal on speakers or headphones? You're in the right place. Here you can shop refurbished JBL products for a good price and still get our full service!

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What is refurbished audio gear exactly?

Refurbished headphones and speakers are products that have been returned to JBL and that we have repaired or restored to near perfect condition if necessary. (They might have small scratches, opened packaging etc. But we consider them as good as new.) Refurbishing is one of our ways to cut down on waste. Rather than throwing away these returned products, we repair them. We take refurbishing seriously. First, we thoroughly check the condition of the product, if all cables, accessories and documentation are included. After that we repair the headphones or speakers if necessary. Then we recertify them. After the entire process of refurbishing, we are 100% sure that the products are in a near perfect condition again.

Do I have a warranty on my refurbished JBL audio gear?

Shopping audio gear on our refurbished page works the same as buying a new product in our online store. You will also get the standard two-year warranty and life-time support on our products, because we are certain our refurbished products are in excellent condition. In the end, buying our refurbished products only means that you are getting a great deal on great audio gear.

The type of refurbished audio gear you will find in our store

Looking for audio gear without breaking the bank? Look no further. This is our selection of refurbished products that offer incredible sound, all at a fraction of the cost of brand-new items.

Refurbished headphones

Refurbished in-ear or on-ear headphones will give you just as much joy as our new headphones whether they are noise-cancelling or wireless. After they have been returned, they have been thoroughly checked, repaired if needed and recertified. So you can trust that they have the quality you expect from JBL.

Refurbished Bluetooth speakers

Refurbished speakers are speakers that may have been returned for a multitude of reasons. Whatever the reason, these speakers have been checked thoroughly, repaired if needed and recertified. They are just as good at bringing the boom as our new speakers.

Refurbished gaming headsets

Gaming headsets are just as good when they are refurbished. They have been inspected, repaired if needed and recertified. You’ll experience your game like never before with our JBL Quantum gaming headsets, whether they are new or refurbished!

Refurbished soundbars

Refurbished soundbars are not inferior to brand-new ones. They can have been returned for any reason. After we have received them, they are thoroughly inspected, repaired if needed and recertified so you will get the standard two-year warranty. So, it’s basically the same as our brand-new products. Refurbished soundbars will turn your living room into a stadium or cinema just like all our soundbars do.

Shop your JBL refurbished products with confidence

When you buy refurbished audio gear, you are choosing a used product. We guarantee the quality of our refurbished headphones, speakers and soundbars and therefore the same terms and conditions apply. You can shop with confidence on this page and find yourself a great deal!