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Smart Speakers

Smart speakers

Say ‘Hey Google’ to your smart speaker and listen to your favourite music, the latest news and today’s weather in no time. Smart speakers by JBL are userfriendly we always aim to create the best sounding smart speakers by putting ultimate quality at the top of our list.  

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What is a smart speaker?

A smart speaker is a speaker with a microphone and built-in smart assistant. You operate the speaker using voice commands. Manage music, listen to the news, set your alarm and control the lighting in your house. Remote control? You do not need it anymore. The smart speaker is always ready for the next command. Tell it what to do from the couch, in bed or from the kitchen. Setting up your smart speaker is easy for Android and IOS using the Google Home app on your phone or tablet. Connect multiple speakers to use the multi-room capabilities. 

Google Assistant - voice activated

JBL speakers use the Google Assistant. You can ask the assistant questions and give it a wide variety of commands. The more you use the Google Assistant speaker, the smarter it will get. You operate the assistant using your voice. Tell it what music you want to hear and let it read out the news, weather forecasts and traffic updates. The speaker can also act as your alarm or diary. Want to do some online shopping or order a pizza? Your smart speaker can handle it.

Types of smart speakers

JBL offers three types of smart speakers. From compact and portable to a long horizontal sound bar which is the perfect match for your TV. Every speaker boasts the characteristic and impressive sound quality we are renowned for.

Wireless smart speakers

The compact Link Music and the Link Portable are connected with Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. In order to activate Google Assistant, you need a wireless internet connection. Both types of JBL are speakers with Wi-Fi. The battery has an eight-hour charge, so the Link Portable speaker is easy to move around. As long as you remain within the Wi-Fi range, you can listen to music anywhere. If you move outside the Wi-Fi range, you can always use Bluetooth to stream music. By the way, compact does not mean a compromise on sound quality. Quite the opposite. With a JBL smart speaker, you will always get a top-quality sound when listening to music.

Smart soundbar by JBL

The JBL Link Bar soundbar is used in combination with your TV. Simply connect the TV and soundbar using a cable. The built-in Android TV control system and the Google Assistant make your TV super smart, even if it is not a smart TV. The sound quality is first-rate and ranges from crisp highs to a deep and full bass. Another advantage of the Link Bar is that the apps are always up to date. This is because updates are automatically pushed to the soundbar. This is unusual, as even the smartest smart TV does not have this feature!

How to connect smart speaker to tv?

Want to command you soundbar by voice? We get that. It's easy with our JBL Link Bar. Check out the JBL Link Bar product page for the user manual and a stress free set-up. 

What features does a smart home speaker have?

The smart speakers use Chromecast, AirPlay and multi-room connectivity. These features mean that you are simply and wirelessly in tune with a number of multimedia, and you can listen to your favourite music anywhere in the house.

Want to learn more about our Link smart speakers? Discover the JBL Link speakers

Chromecast built-in and AirPlay

Chromecast built-in means you can easily stream music from your mobile phone to your smart speaker, so your Spotify, SoundCloud or Deezer playlist is always within reach. The options for streaming multimedia are massive. Chromecast is supported by over three hundred different apps. Use Apple Music? You are all sorted with JBL. Our technology supports AirPlay, so you can also stream your favourite music from your iPhone or iPad.

Multi-room connection

Using a multi-room connection, you can listen to music in several rooms at once. It does not matter where the source is. You will need several speakers, though. You can stream to different rooms using the Google Home app.

FAQ for Smart speakers:

What is the difference between a smart speaker and a wireless speaker?

Many people think that a wireless speaker is a smart speaker. However, that is not true. The key difference is that your smart speaker is voice-activated and is connected to the wifi. Of course, a lot of wireless speakers are connected to wifi as well, but as long as they can't be controlled by voice (like google assistant, Alexa or Siri) they are not smart speakers. 

Can you use a smart speaker without a phone?

To set up your smart speaker you'll need a phone or a tablet with the google home app. In theory, a friend could help you with the set-up and leave and you would still be able to give the speaker a command. However, we advise keeping your phone near, just in case you want to alter your settings or want to add another speaker. 

How does a smart speaker work?

As explained earlier, the smart speaker is connected to your wifi and has a built-in google assistant. That means that once you say the wake word ('Hey, Google') the device awakes. It is then ready to follow your command. Because it is connected to the internet, through wifi, it will be able to answer all of your questions and obey any command.

Buying a smart speaker

Smart speakers are the latest trend. Would you like to put your own Google Assistant to work with just a few words? Review and compare JBL smart speakers and enjoy your favourite music and best sound in no time at all!