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Find your JBL accessories, replacements parts and batteries

Your headphones, earphones and speakers go wherever you go. Even though we take extra care to make products that last as long as possible, even the best products can eventually need some new components. That's why we've provided many spare parts to help you enjoy your products as long as possible. Check out the overview below or the products on this page to find what you're looking for.
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Speaker spare parts & battery

Has the boom left your boombox? Or has your charger seen better days? We understand that wild parties can take a toll on your beloved speaker. Check out our (car) charging cables, power adaptors, carrying straps and more to keep the party going.

Headphone spare parts & battery

Headphones go wherever you go - either on your head or in your bag. Being exposed to the elements like that can cause some wear and tear. Want to keep your headphone looking brand new and fitting perfectly? Replace your ear pads with fresh new ones and you're good to go for another few years.

Earphone spare parts & battery

Ear tips and replacement kits

Let's face it: the ear tip is a big part of the fit of your earphone. However, it's hard to keep track of the little things once they're not on your earphones. So, did you lose them? Check out our spare ear tips.

Charging case for earphones

Once you've popped your earphones in you put your charging case safely away. But, even though you take great care you can still lose that case. It happens to the best of us. Luckily we have various spare charging cases for you to choose from.

Quantum gaming headset spare parts & battery

Survival depends on your gaming headset working perfectly. That's why we've made each component as durable as possible, but we understand that after hours and hours of gaming, some wear and tear is to be expected. That's why we've taken care to make easily replaceable spare parts for each headset. Check out our microphones, microphone sponges, audio cables and ear pads.

Dongles for Quantum gaming headsets

Connecting wirelessly to your console is easy and quick with our dongles. These come with your headphone but we understand that they might be easy to lose. That's why we've made the dongles available as spare parts. That way you can always stay connected!

Frequently asked questions about spare parts & batteries

What if I lost my JBL earbud charging case?

Losing your earbud charging case can really rain on your parade. Maybe it fell out of your pocket or you simply forgot it somewhere on the go. But never fear: We have made the charging cases available as a single product. Find them in the product list above and you'll be charging your earbuds in no time!

How do I change the ear pads on my headphone?

Our ear pads have a simple system that allows you to take them off of the headphone. Carefully remove the ear pads (the way it's attached differs per product) and attach the new ones. This should only take a few minutes and you'll have brand-new headphones.

I've lost my remote to my soundbar. Can I buy a new one?

Moved house, or just have a really sloppy roommate? Remotes go missing all the time. Luckily we know what it's like. That's why you can find many different remotes on our spare parts page.