JBL home speakers and soundbars fill your home with superior sound. All-weather outdoor speakers, soundbars, or voice activated speakers - JBL has got it all.


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Soundbars, Smart speakers, waterproof, portable and professional speakers, whatever you go for, a JBL speaker is the right choice. For more than 70 years, sound engineers, artists and music lovers have chosen our cutting-edge technology.

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When do you use speakers?

Want better sound from your TV? Then a soundbar is a good solution, which allows you to create your own home cinema experience. There are also speakers that you can easily take to the beach; with "Hey Google" our smart speakers are at your beck and call. Right or wrong, the main purpose of a speaker is to amplify and improve your sound. And a JBL speaker will do just that.

What is the difference between active and passive speakers?

A speaker converts electrical signals into sound. You can choose between an active and a passive speaker. An active speaker already has a built-in amplifier. A passive speaker is connected to an external amplifier. This means that the speaker cannot be plugged directly into a socket.

What kind of speakers are there?

We have a speaker for every situation. These are the different types of speakers from JBL. Choose the JBL speaker that suits you best.

Bluetooth speaker

With a Bluetooth speaker you can listen to your favourite music anytime and anywhere. Connecting is easy and works wirelessly via a connection with your mobile, laptop or tablet. Newer models are armed against water damage, so you can even take them to the pool or the beach.

Party speaker

With a good party speaker you can light up any party. You can use it to sing karaoke loudly and clearly (but the quality of that is mainly up to you!). The battery of a party speaker will last for hours, they have a lot of volume, and the punchy bass will blow you away. Turn on your speaker at home or take the party with you outside.

Soundbar speaker

Imagine your own home cinema thanks to a JBL soundbar. This speaker can be placed under your TV or mounted on the wall and works via Bluetooth. Thanks to advanced sound technology, you can amplify and broaden the sound of your TV throughout the room.

Smart speaker

"Hey Google, is the sun shining tomorrow? The world will no longer hold any surprises thanks to your smart speaker. The built-in Google Assistant will answer your questions, play your favourite tracks, read the news, set your alarm and control the lights.

Dab radio

Wake up to the crystal-clear radio sound of a JBL DAB radio. Take your favourite stations to the park, pool or work.

Professional speaker

Professional speakers enhance the sound of any performance. In a studio, on a stage, during a presentation or simply at home. For years, professionals have chosen JBL sound quality.

Buy a new speaker in the JBL shop or outlet

Are you thinking of buying one of JBL's speakers? Then you can enjoy top-quality sound anytime, anywhere. Browse and compare our speakers and upgrade your sound from ordinary to extraordinary. Are you looking for a good deal with a cheap price? Then our speakers outlet is the right place to search.