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JBL sports headphones for all athletes, from professional runners to weekend warriors. JBL running headphones are for active and athletic men and women who want to combine the world of sports and superior sound quality.

Sport Headphones

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Sport Headphones

Sport Headphones

Turn your workout into a party with the superior sound of JBL sport headphones. Or even go swimming with the waterproof, wireless sport headphones. Nothing can stop you.

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Wireless Bluetooth sport headphones

And then there was Bluetooth. For many athletes, this wireless connection is a godsend. You no longer have to fumble with a tangled cable. Bluetooth also has a range of up to fifteen metres. This ensures that you can put your phone down during your workout and just listen to your favourite music. Bluetooth sport headphones are also an excellent invention for runners. Place your phone in a sports armband, press play and... hey ho, let's go!

What are sport buds? Characteristics of sports headphones and earphones

Listening to music while exercising is very different from when you are at work or on the train. Your body is constantly moving and so are the sports headphones, so they have to be able to withstand some rough handling. It is also important that the headphones are comfortable, that they fit tightly and that they do not slide off your head. Do you work out? When exercising, you quickly start to sweat, and if you're outdoors, rain can also be an unfortunate part of the experience. Fortunately, JBL headphones are water-resistant and will withstand any adverse conditions you encounter during your workouts.

JBL sport earphones are waterproof and offer protection from sweat and rain. Whether it's drizzling, spitting or pouring rain, JBL sport headphones can take it. Even workouts where you work up a sweat are no problem for our special sport earphones.

IP Code

The IP Code tells you how water-resistant your sport headphones are. This code consists of two digits (e.g. IP44). The first digit stands for dust protection, the second for waterproofness. Sometimes a digit is replaced by an X (e.g. IPX7). In that case, the first value is not evaluated. Want to know how waterproof your headphones are? Then you need to look at the second digit. This value ranges from zero (not waterproof) to eight (excellent). This means that sport earphones with a rating of four are resistant to sweat or splashes of water. Are you going to swim with them? Then you need a value of at least seven.


No athlete wants to be distracted by uncomfortable headphones. This is why we supply our sport headphones with a number of earpieces in different sizes, so there is always a variant that fits your ears. It can also be annoying when earphones fall out of your ears during sports. The ear hook or clip on our sports earphones prevents this problem. So they remain firmly in place during any workout.

Neck Band

A neckband ensures that the earphones are connected to each other via a cable around your neck. Thanks to this band, the earphones remain firmly in place, so you can fully concentrate on your workout and not worry about the earphones falling out.

Get your best workouts with beats

Music and sports are an inseparable combination. Often the right songs give you that extra boost of energy. Your favourite tune is motivating! It is even proven that up-tempo music makes you run faster.

Which type of headphones is best for sports?

It is advisable to use special sports headphones for cycling, swimming and running. These are waterproof and can therefore withstand rain and - not unimportantly - sweat. Good sports headphones depend much on the exercise you're doing. 

Earphones for running

Sports earphones are popular among runners. They weigh almost nothing, are comfortable, water-resistant and do not fall out of your ears thanks to a special clip behind your ears. The battery life is more than enough to listen to your favourite tracks throughout your workout. You can also easily adjust the volume and answer incoming calls thanks to the built-in microphone.

Noise cancelling headphones for fitness in the gym

Fitness fanatics also swear by waterproof headphones. We have developed several headphones especially for fitness work-outs. The Un der Armour Sport headphones are one example. The special fabric around the ear cups is sweat-resistant and ensures that the headphones remain comfortable and firmly in place. These headphones also have a TalkThru function; this allows you to have conversations with people around you without having to take the headphones off. Handy.

Buy sports headphones for your exercise

Are you thinking about buying sports headphones? Then take your specific sports needs into account. Do you want wireless in ear sport headphones using Bluetooth or not? Do the headphones have to be waterproof? And do you want noise-cancelling headphones or not? Whatever headphones you choose, you can always take the JBL sound with you.